Top 10 Musical Moments of All Time

Because it’s not always about the score or the soundtrack, with this list we’re looking at music that’s happening IN movies. From rap battles to singalongs, to karaoke and boomboxes, these are our picks for the 10 best musical moments of all time.

The Picks

10 – Hero – The Donnie Yen Fight
9 – Full Metal Jacket – The Mickey Mouse song
8 – Scott Pilgrim – The Clash at Demonhead show
7 – Lost In Translation – Karaoke
6 – Almost Famous – The Tiny Dancer bus singalong
INTERLUDE – Holy Motors – Accordians
5 – Blues Brothers – The Palace Ballroom
4 – You Were Never Really Here – Singing on the floor
3 – Shawshank Redemption – The Marriage of Figaro
2 – Chungking Express – California Dreaming Motif
1 – Amadeus – The Final Piece

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