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Directed by William Nolte
Produced by Leo C. Popkin
Written by Phil Dunham
Starring: Ralph Cooper & Lena Horne
Music by Harvey Brooks & Ben Ellison
Cinematography: Robert E. Cline & J. Henry Kruse

Duke Davis (Cooper) is a stage-show promoter in love with Ethel Andrews (Horne), a popular singer in his company dubbed “the Bronze Venus”. Duke finds out that big-time promoters from New York City want to propel Ethel into the big leagues, but Ethel, out of loyalty and love for Duke, refuses to leave his small-time show. Duke, in a selfless act, orchestrates a deception to force Ethel to leave his show in order to better her career. However, the loss of the Bronze Venus causes Duke’s own career to collapse and he soon finds himself working on a travelling medicine show where he goes from town to town, introducing a series of specialty musical acts and helping to sell Doc Dorando’s all-purpose elixir. But when he hears that Ethel’s New York gig is a flop, Duke goes to New York, where he is reunited with her. Soon after, Duke combines his stage show, the medicine show and Ethel’s singing into a top nightclub act.

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