Kick Drum Punch Tutorial

A lot of times you’ll be tempted to bring out the kick drum on your mix by simply turning it up. Or you might think that adding 60 or 100hz will solve your lack of kick drum troubles. The truth is that most times what you need is more attack and presence. By adding high frequency content, let’s sat 4khz and up, you’ll give definition to your kick and as a result your ears will perceive the low frequencies with much ease.

On the video below, I’m mixing a track by experimental jazz/electronic group Cacaw. I found the kick on this mix to be somewhat dull in comparison to the rest of the music. And instead of adding another drum sample to make it cut through the mix better (and btw this is a common technique as well, but one that I find a lot more time consuming than necessary) I simply duplicated the track and divided the frequency spectrum of each into 2 categories. One track has the mid and low content while the other has the high frequency content. By separating these I can now manipulate the high frequency by compressing it, making it louder, and putting effects on it such has distortion and even reverb. Check the out the video included on this post to better understand the results

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