Is music school worth it? My experience at the Australian Institute of Music

Is music school worth it? My experience at the Australian Institute of Music. I go through pros and cons to going to music school to get a bachelor of music.
This is in correlation to me finishing my Bachelor Degree of Music composition and music production at the Australian Institute of Music.
I have some pro’s and con’s for going to a college for music, just some general thoughts to anyone who is thinking about going to music school.

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Hi, I am ChromeZone, this is my humble abode. A little into my backstory; My birth name is Garrett Daniel Lindsay, I was born in Scarborough North Yorkshire, UK May 26 1995, I moved to AU November 2007 – Biggest and most life changing thing that’s ever happened to me. I am a quirky, creative and introspective guy who loves Pokemon, Marvel and WWE but most of all I love Music. I love teaching and sharing music knowledge with the world through making video’s for youtube and on Facebook. Most of all! My goal is to inspire the world and make it a better place. Hope you enjoy my Facebook and my other socials.

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