Free Rack Kick Collection Download (+ Torture Rack Kick) Free Trap Drum Kit

Rack Kick Drum Kit Free Download from Producergrind

Download Rack Kick Collection:

This free drum kit comes with every Rack Kick ever made. If you don’t know by now, The Rack Kick 1 and Torture Rack Kick are the most popular kicks ever used in trap beats. They have been around since Lex Luger and DJ Spinz popularized them years ago, and they are STILL the most popular kicks in all the new sub-genres of trap music. We have put together all 8 of them in 1 free rack kick drum kit. Enjoy! Goes great with the Spinz 808 Bass Sound.

Free Drum Kit Includes:
Torture Rack Kick
Rack Kick 1
Rack Kick 2
Rack Kick 3
Rack Kick 4
Rack Kick 5
Rack Kick 6
Rack Kick 7

TM88 Drum Kit, DJ Spinz Drum Kit, Southside Drum Kit, Lex Luger Drum Kit, Trap Sound Kit

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