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If you have the voice, ability and passion for music, then you should definitely launch a career in this field. Music is not just a beautiful way to express your feelings but also one of the best career choices in today’s generation. When you begin a career in music, you can actually pick from one of the several opportunities laid out! If you though India doesn’t give preference to music as a career, you’re probably wrong. Some of the best singers and artists from all over the world today are Indian.
If you want to work in the music industry, you can always start off as a music teacher or a librarian. Here you will have the opportunity not just to teach others music but also learn some yourself. This will also be a great way to enjoy your passion and hopefully build your career on this. If the glamour world attracts you a lot, becoming a disc jockey would be of great help. Here you will just have to play tunes for yourself and for others and make a whole lot of money out of it. It’s that simple. Most parties, concerts and events need disc jockeys. Next there are concert promoters. These guys are required to keep the business successful. They are in charge of handling everything in the concert- from the sale of tickets to the managing of the event. Next comes music journalists. Their work is to meet all popular musical personalities and rock starts, interview them or host a fun chat show with these famous pop stars. A music therapist is also something you can become. Here you will be required to play instruments in order to relax and provide rhythm to the patient during his treatment. A singer is something most people opt for. Even though this is quite a challenging career option, if you can make it to the top; there would be nothing like it!
Launching a career in the music industry is far more difficult than expected. It is not just about hard work and effort but also needs some luck to make it to the top. To become successful in the field of music, you first have to get a degree in music in college. This should happen once you have finished your 12th standard in school.
Some of the top music schools in India include Ramjas College, Daulat Ram College, Fergusson College, Seamless Education Academy.
The top music schools of the world include
• Curtis Institute of Music, Philadelphia
• The New School of Music, New York
• The Julliard School
• Royal Academy of Music, London
• Jacobs School Of Music
• Royal College of Music
All these institutions have been ranked as top. Studying here would be a great opportunity.
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