New jai bhim song 2019| Hemant kumar baudh

Singer – Hemant kumar baudh
Writer- Premlata baudh
Camera- Suneel yadaw
Editing- Bhola S.S
Producer- Vijay singh
Actor- Kumar ashwani
Special thanks- 1-Sanker ji singh(A.R.T.O)-

2- Raj kishor (master ji),
3- Amarnath azad
4- Lavlesh singh nagwanshi
Contact- 9792558621,7355578779
Level- kick art music
Production- kaushambi film production

##jai ho baba bhim mahan##

Song by -Hemant kumar baudh

Should you go to school for music production?

In this video I will be sharing with you my personal experience in college for music production. This is my first time doing a discussion video like this so sorry if it seems like its all over the place lol.

Music Editing: Inception: The Kick / Fischer And Son (Isolated Score) HZ / LB

Inception 7m44_Fischer And Son – otherwise known as “The Kick Sequence, Climax” of Inception.

YouTube blocked the beginning of the track because of the audio, so I had to remove the first few seconds. You can hear the whole thing on soundcloud. Not sure why this track has strict regulations against it still.

This track has gone unreleased for 6 years. For the first time, people can hear it the way it was meant to be heard. Listen to Hans Zimmer explain this cue in interviews to understand the genius and backstory behind it, the way multiple inserts intersect at different tempos and different time signatures. Needless to say, reproducing it was not an easy task.

As I said Last week-
This track was a massive task inside of another massive project. I’m building an entire lossless album release of the film versions of the whole score from Inception. Including the missing cues.

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