The Top Medical Schools in Canada | 2021 Rankings and Where You Should Go

McMaster? The University of Toronto? McGill? UBC? What are the Top Medical Schools in all of Canada? Every year the Maclean’s online publication compares the various Canadian schools across a variety of metrics including a school’s reputation, student satisfaction and others to determine what they believe are the top 15 medical schools in the country. So today, we’re going to be looking at the 2021 ranked list and then I’ll give you my feedback on what I think about how the different schools compare.

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Disclaimer: My views and opinions are not intended to be regarded as official statements from any larger body or institution. This is just a YouTube video… meant to have some fun and help guide some future students 🤙

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Maclean’s 2021 Medical School Rankings:
Costs of the different medical school programs:
CaRMS 2020 Data:

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