Top 10 Greatest Disney Channel Musical Numbers

These Disney Channel musical numbers are all great, but which will bop to the top? Our countdown includes Disney Channel, and more! What’s YOUR favorite Disney Channel musical number? Let us know in the comments!

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'The Office: A Musical Parody' to kick off musical reopening

The reopening of Broadway theaters is still many months away, but the lights are coming back Off-Broadway — where it’s still possible to make money with only one-third of the seats filled.

Bigger shows can’t make money at reduced capacity, but in smaller houses, a few brave producers are trying their luck.

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Top 10 Greatest Musicals of the 2000s

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The 2000s truly were a great decade for musicals and the shows on our list are the best of the decade! For this list, we’ll be looking at the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful musicals that premiered on Broadway between 2000 and 2009. The musical must be an original, so revivals will not be included, but “Legally Blonde”, “Mamma Mia!”, “Hairspray” and more, will be! Join MsMojo as we count down the Greatest Musicals of the 2000s!

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Badshah – Genda Phool | JacquelineFernandez | Payal Dev | COOL 9D MUSIC

Please use Headphone or Earphone for Ultimate Experience ! Thanks

Song : Genda Phool
Artist : Badshah & Payal Dev
Starring : Badshah & Jacqueline Fernandez
Original Lyrics : Bengali Folk
Lyrics & Compose : Badshah
Music Arrangements : Aditya Dev
Mix & Master : Aditya Dev
Dotara Player : Tapas Roy
Instruments recording : Rahul Sharma At AMV Studio
Astt Sound Engineer : Sameer
Vocals Dubbing : Aditya Dev Studio

Directed By : Sneha Shetty Kohli
Produced by : Sony Music India Pvt Ltd.
Production House : Art Monks LLP in association with Sneha Shetty Kohli
Cinematographer : Tuhin Mukherjee
Choreographers: Piyush – Shazia
Asst. Cameraman : Nazemul Molla, Karan Gurbaxani, Manish Khushalani
Production Designer : Swapnil Bhalerao and Madhur Madhavan
Asst. Art Director : Sagar D Desai and Ganesh Donge
Executive Producer : Karan Dedhia
Omega Operator : B K Sivan
Asst: A Viswanathan
Editor : Rikki Kajle
Asst. Editor – Lakhvir Kajle
Costume Stylist : Jimmy’z Designer
Dancers hair : Sabiya Ji & Team
Make Up ( Dancers & Character Artists) : Amit Pawar
Astt Makeup : Deepak Gaikwad
Tigers Panting : Gaja Mistry
Asst. Directors : Ahmed Sheikh , Amitesh Sanghani, Bhavin Kateliya, Avinash Sharma
DI Colorist – Prashant Dhotre ( Dream Tone Studio )
Camera Supplies : RD Equipement’s Avinash Ojha

Team Jacqueline :
Manager : Sambardhana Debroy
Hair & Make Up – ShaanMU & Team
Stylist : Chandni Whabi
Spotboy : Tarun Mahanti
Security : Zubaida

Special Thanks : Rohit Shetty , Yunus Sajawal , Vidhi Godgaonkar , Sushwanth Prakash , Mayank Tandon , Sanchit Bedre , Anuva Gupta , Harsh Panesar , Riyan Shetty , Girish Kant , Jomon T John & Bunty Negi.

Music Label : Sony Music India

Song lyrics :


चले जब तू लटक-मटक, लौंडों के दिल पटक-पटक
साँसें जाएँ अटक-अटक, आता माझी सटक-सटक
Bum तेरा गोते खाए, कमर पे तेरी butterfly
Body तेरी मक्खन, जैसे खाने में बस तू butter खाए
Come on, baby, kick it, kick it
काटूँ तेरी ticket, ticket
खेलता नहीं cricket-wricket
पर ले लूँ तेरी wicket, wicket
বড়লোকের বিটি লো, লম্বা লম্বা চুল
এমন মাথায় বেঁধে দেবো লাল গেন্দা ফুল
বড়লোকের বিটি লো, লম্বা লম্বা চুল
এমন মাথায় বেঁধে দেবো লাল গেন্দা ফুল
साँवला सा रंग तेरा, बावला सा ढंग तेरा
मुझसे चोरी-चोरी बातें करे अंग-अंग तेरा
तेरे लिए कुछ भी कर लूँगा
तेरी मैं हर लूँगा कोई भी पीड़ा (Yeah)
पागल हुआ तेरे पीछे, जैसे दिमाग़ में कीड़ा
लगे मीठी, जैसे शक्कर-शक्कर
आजा, चला ले चक्कर-चक्कर
बाक़ी के लौंडे पकर-पकर
I am the baddest motherfu… (Yeah)
Heartbeat missing जब तू look me in the eye
Love तेरा, baby, मुझे take me to the sky
Promise water never coming down from your eye
You are my जान, baby, never gonna lie
বড়লোকের বিটি লো, লম্বা লম্বা চুল
এমন মাথায় বেঁধে দেবো… (দেবো, দেবো)
বড়লোকের বিটি লো, লম্বা লম্বা চুল
এমন মাথায় বেঁধে দেবো লাল গেন্দা ফুল
It’s your boy, Badshah
বড়লোকের বিটি লো, লম্বা লম্বা চুল
এমন মাথায় বেঁধে দেবো লাল গেন্দা ফুল
বড়লোকের বিটি লো, লম্বা লম্বা চুল
এমন মাথায় বেঁধে দেবো লাল গেন্দা ফুল (Yeah)

Source: Musixmatch
Songwriters: Bhoomi Trivedi / Aditya Prateek Singh

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Top 10 Rock 'n' Roll Movies

Our countdown only goes to ten, but all the films on this list take it to eleven. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 rock ‘n’ roll movies. Special thanks to our users “Shawn Frary”, “Andreas Philippou” and “Jason Lundgren” for submitting the idea on our Suggestions Page at 🙂

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